Chapitre 4

V. 1–5

Or l’Esprit dit expressément qu’aux derniers temps quelques-uns apostasieront de la foi, s’attachant à des esprits séducteurs et à des enseignements de démons, disant des mensonges par hypocrisie, ayant leur propre conscience cautérisée, défendant de se marier, prescrivant de s’abstenir des viandes que Dieu a créées…

We see the result of such behavior. They dishonored God by breaking his commandments. They had seen the wonderful power of God at Sinai. But they have reduced the Spirit of the Almighty to the image of a beast.
“They changed their glory into the figure of an ox eating grass…

“The wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and all injustice of men who unjustly hold truth captive. “(Romans 1:18)

“God manifests his anger from heaven on every sin and evil committed by men who, by their evil deeds, prevent the truth from working. “
You may remember…

Le Jour du Jugement

« La colère de Dieu se révèle du ciel contre toute impiété et toute injustice des hommes qui retiennent injustement la vérité captive. » (Romains 1.18)

FC : « Dieu manifeste sa colère depuis le ciel sur tout péché et tout mal commis par les hommes…


As we are reading this text, we are in a journey. We are going somewhere, where Jesus is waiting for us. In any journey, there are things that happen: hunger, tiredness, falling, hitting, stories, death (accident)…

But in our journey, we don’t give rooms for mistakes and explanations. We need to be string and wise. We need God’s hand in all things for us to succeed, that’s why we are still gathering.

The Bible is saying that the Hand of the Lord is upon his children to protect them. No fashioned weapons against us shall prosper.

Psalm 91:3, 4: Surely, He will save you from the Fowler’s snare and from the deadly pestilence.

He will cover you with his feathers

More coming soon…


Hubert Kasekelo is a self-motivated and a devoted man of God. Early in his childhood, he received a Calling from God to serve Him. He has a Teaching Ministry..

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